Our Mission

Our mission is to equip people with life skills in order to maximize potential and empower community transformation.

We believe we are called by God to help people of all ages find their own potential through learning life skills, discovering dignity in work, and seizing their own vision to transform their lives, families, and communities.

Our Vision is for communities to be thriving in the greater Raleigh area and surrounding counties because of the energies of empowered individuals.

Our job mentoring and life skills trainings help men and women develop character, become connected to a community of support, and help them obtain more than just a job. When you participate in a class you will experience confidence, self-control, coaching, learning, and faith.  Along with providing dignity, value and purpose, we believe that work also verifies identity and creates community

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Our next job mentoring and life skills training is coming in the Winter/Spring 2020 at Connect Church in Fuquay Varina. Contact us for information at oaksinitiativenc@gmail.com.

The materials of Jobs for Life are utilized for this training. To learn more about Jobs for Life

Click Here.